Tea Bath - Brew Pocket

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Brew Pockets are like big (compostable) tea bags for the bath. Creating a colourful and relaxing bath experience, which leaves you feeling revitalised and silky smooth. 

These Tea Bath Brew Pockets are filled with a blend of dried herbs and flowers,  which together infuse the water with vitamins and antioxidants.

Soaking in this Tea Bath detoxifies skin, relaxes and relieves tension, soothes aching muscles and joints, stimulates circulation, and also helps chase away a cold.

These Brew Pockets were created because although bath salts are beautiful, the feeling of grainy salts underneath your skin isn't all that comfortable, and then there's the bath bomb, which although can be fun and colourful, aren't that great for your skin.

Cue... the Brew Pocket. A compostable tea bag filled with 100% natural ingredients, which provide colour, nutrients and beauty, in a way that is contained and easy to use. Brew the water, soak it in, and then place the tea bag in the compost. No fuss!

Each box contains x3 compostable tea bags.

Directions of Use: Place one bag into the bath under the warm, running water. Gently squeeze the bag to release the botanical essence. Relax and soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Ingredients: Calendula Petals, Lavender Buds, Chamomile, Rose Petals.

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