Paper Mache Bowl - SECONDS

$44.95 $89.95


*All items available as SECONDS have been discounted due to flaws and blemishes found to be outside of our standard quality control. These flaws do not affect the functionality of the item, and all SECONDS purchases are final (no returns, refunds or exchanges will apply).

Not all items are flawed, they may simply be a tone or shape that is not coherent with our products, so this is your chance to grab a bargain!

Examples for the paper mache bowls may include large chips, pointed edges instead of a round look, discolouration, frays in the underlying material, scuffing, dents and cracks. 

Bowls will be selected at random, unless otherwise specified, however please be aware we anticipate these to sell very quickly.


These beautiful hand made bowls house a rustic quality that is perfect for coastal, boho and global decor. Place on a coffee table filled with foliage, or aside candlesticks and a bookstack for an effortlessly styled look.


  • Sizing ranges between 30 and 40cm in diameter
  • Handmade
  • Delicate
  • Variations are to be expected due to the handmade nature of the item. Please note these bowls have various imperfections, small chips and fraying. Flaws in the material are a part of its handmade and original character, and are not considered to be faults. 

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